Sunday, June 23, 2013

Alas, there was no Shortcut to its CLIMAX!!

VjMOVIEw: Simply Avoid (**)

Director: Susi Ganesh                                      
Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Target Audience: Viewers liking senseless masala type and South-Indian style movies.Age Group: 15-20 years
Parallel of the Movie: BEZUBAAN,  Jamaai Raja

So, here is Susi Ganesh who is overly confident of his 2006 Tamil hit(Thituttu Payale)that he tries his luck by remaking it in Bollywood. Playing the role signifying the title is our Neil Nitin(as Suraj). The film also has Ameesha Patel(Monica; continuing her dumb character in Race 2) and Puja Gupta(as Sherry; seen in GO GOA GONE). The movie is extensively shot in Mumbai and Kenya.
shortcut Romeo neil nitin
shortcut Romeo ameesha patel
shortcut Romeo puja gupta

A fukrey type Suraj seeks refuge at his uncle's home in Mumbai after being thrown out of home by his parents. He hits a jackpot when he shoots Ameesha(Monica) indulging into infidelity by making out with his Golf-Trainer, that too in a Golf Course.  Really are u kidding me!!!
shortcut Romeo ameesha golf sex
rajesh romeo

Monica is blackmailed into endorsing a luxurious life for Sooraj for fear of being exposed before her husband, played by Rajesh Shringarpure(as Rahul). 

shortcut Romeo ameesha golf
Haah!! I wonder why she dint use her biggest asset into luring Sooraj for the video.(You know what I mean) :-)

So, our clever-minded Hero first decides Kenya for his sponsored lavish trip. :-( Period!!!
shortcut Romeo susi ganesh neil nitin
While exploring the wildlife in Kenya (and possibly earning some commission from Discovery and National.G.C), Sooraj comes across Sherry(real name Radhika) and falls in love with her. (That has too happen to add in some of Himesh's  atrocious songs).

shortcut Romeo neil nitin puja gupta

Enroute, we witness some twists and turns which don't really add any excitement. Sample this, Sherry is an ally of Monica who is there to put Sooraj into trouble; Rahul hires a private detective to keep an eye on  Monica, and guess what, the private detective is played by none other than Susi Ganesh!! (Couldn't he think of something better. Responding to similar queries, he answered..)shortcut Romeo Susi Ganesh
In the entire hide and seek game between Neil and Ameesha, it's the viewers who get restless! There is no entertainment quotient or novelty either in the script,screenplay or dialogues. "Main shola, tu meri Coca-cola" are some of the types tossed at viewers. I wish I could actually think of loads of exciting parts in this sub-standard offering except an unexpected climax and a dishoom dishoom between Neil and poor tribals!!
shortcut Romeo Neil nitin Kenya

Poor Ameesha couldn't hire an Assassin to think of a Shortcut for this Romeo!!shortcut Romeo puja gupta neil

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  1. Reviews achche lage movie se to

  2. LOL.. its getting better :-)

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